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Sovrano Tricot

Idea Sovrano

Sovrano Tricot is made in Italy woman Knitwear.

It was founded in 2009 as a flower 'eye of Knitwear Capossela, a company on the market with its experience since 1960 handed down from generation to generation. The desire to launch a new brand comes from the desire to spread their name with the product the result of 'experience gained in decades of work by contractors.

Brand e logo

King, Prince or Emperor does not matter ... the sovereign is not only the head of a monarchical state but is also the head of the 'clothing'. Sovereign is he who excels in his work; Sovereign is the thread of wool that, after being woven in a variety of textures, takes the form of mesh, the mesh that surrounds the body of the person, the mesh but not covering garment.

The 'intention is to instill a sense of sovereignty to those who wear these garments through the good qualities of the raw materials, the attention to details, the craftsmanship of the finishing touches that make the garment unique.

The velocipede, the 'ancestor of today' bike is the logo that accompanies the brand. It is a historical object that evokes the continuity in time, the evolution of technology starting from craftsmanship of 'idea, the cyclic evolution and recurrence of fashions and trends, and an' image that sums up well in all its charm and graciousness the history of knitting that has undergone a gradual transition from manual 50s to the complex technology of the present day. The velocipede Sovrano is the journey through time along the evolution of fashion scrutinizing the changes and undertaking sustainable roads favoring low environmental impact is in the choices of raw materials in the production and marketing of garments.

Sovrano style

Tell me what you're wearing and I'll tell you who you are ...!

The Sovrano Tricot knitting meant to represent the woman conscious care of their outfits without sacrificing the comfort of the clothes so she attentive to the quality of raw materials and to 'craftsmanship of what he wears so that it can be perfectly reflected in his personality.

Interdependence, variety of textures, intarsia, jacquard, wool threads as diverse multitude of colors combine to give substance to the Sovrano idea that as a woman and enhances its forms through the study of the details.

The Sovrano inspiration goes beyond fashion and trends.

Sovrano is style.

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  1. Sale Strickschal "Ferri"

    Kuscheliger Strickschal von Sovrano Tricot

  2. Sale Bandana "Ferri" Bandana "Ferri"

    Wunderschöne Strickbandana von Sovrano Tricot

  3. Sale Kleid "Tweed" Kleid "Tweed"

    Elegantes Strickkleid aus reiner Wolle

  4. Sale Pullover mit Blumen - Print Pullover mit Blumen - Print

    Leichter Strickpullover "Tubolare"

  5. Sale Pullover mit Mohnblumendruck Pullover mit Mohnblumendruck

    Pullover "Coste" mit Mohnblumen

  6. Sale Pullover Pullover

    Hochwertiger Pullover "Trecce"

  7. Sale Rollkragenpullover aus reine Wolle Rollkragenpullover aus reine Wolle

    Schlichter Rollkragenpullover "Dolce Vita"


  8. Neu Mütze Mütze

    Moderne Strickmütze mit Zopfloch

  9. Sale Strickkleid Strickkleid

    Schlichtes Strickkleid mit lockerem Rollkragen

  10. Neu Crop-Pullover

    Crop - Pullover "Losanghe"


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